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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Green Mungbeans Stew - a Microwave Recipe

Want to try something impressive at home with ease?.Try this Sprout Mungbeans Stew at home and Enjoy easy Dinner.U can add a mashed potato in Step 4 and  Microwave it on high for 4 mins more.This is done in 20 mins Microwave Cooking time and serves 4 nos. Enjoy Ur Meal!. BonAppetit!.

Green Mungbeans Stew:
50 gms or 1 cup sprouted Mungbeans - soaked for 20 mins.
1 onion - pasted fine
1 tsp ginger-garlic paste (ground with 2 small green chillies)
1/2 tsp curry masala powder
1 tsp mint and coriander leaves
1 cup second coconut milk
3/4 cup first(thick) coconut milk
3/4 tsp salt
2 tsp refined oil
1 tsp fresh lime juice

1.Take a Microwave-safe bowl and add oil,Onion paste,ginger-garlic and green chilli paste and few coriander and  mint leaves,mix it well and microwave it on high for 2 mins.
2.Add the second coconutmilk and curry masala powder,mix it well and Microwave it on high for 3 mins.
3.Add the sprouted Mungbeans and salt and mix it well.Microwave it on high for 10 mins more.
4.Add the thick coconut milk,mix it well and Microwave it on high for 4-5 mins.That's all.
5.Sprinkle lemon juice on top,mix it well and serve it hot with Steamed rice or Indian Breads or Bread slices.

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Baked Soya Cake

It can be a light as well as filling  snack or a supplement to a memorable wholesome meal.This is a lightly curried and deliciously done cake recipe.Best served with sauces or pineapple or raw mango pickle as a taste-match and this serves 4 nos yielding 6 -8 pieces.Can be done quickly in 20 - 22 mins and the result is a tastefully tantalizing treat to tastebuds.It is healthy and highly recommended since its done by baking instead of deep-frying. Enjoy Your Meal!. BonAppetit!.

Baked Soya Cake - A Better option to Deep-frying
About 15 soya chunks or mealmaker chunks
1 tsp finely chopped lemon grass
1/2 tsp ginger garlic paste
1 small green chilli
1 tsp white pepper powder
1/4 tsp or needed salt
few coriander leaves
1/2 tsp lemon juice
a pinch of turmeric powder
1 small mashed potato(boiled for 10 mins)
1/2 cup freshly done breadcrumbs
2 tbsp refined oil


    1.Soak the Soya Chunks in boiling water for 5 mins and drain the water.Rinse it with cold water and squeeze excess water.Pulse it fine with green chilli and mix it with boiled and mashed potato,ginger-garlic paste,salt, white pepper powder and coriander leaves.
    2.Add lemon juice,lemon grass,turmeric powder and breadcrumbs to form a thick paste.
    3.Shape the mixture into square shaped cutlet moulds and brush it with oil.
    4.Bake in an oven at 350 degree F for 20 - 22 mins.
    5.To check the doneness,insert a toothpick - if it comes out clean,then this Soya cake is considered as done.
    6.Serve it hot with a dipping sauce of your choice.(Tomato or mustard or Lebanese Garlic Sauce) or pineapple or Raw Mango Chutney.

Pineapple or Raw Mango Chutney:
1 cup peeled and chopped Pineapple or Raw Mango pieces
1 tsp lemon juice
1/4 tsp red  chilli powder
1/2 tsp fresh Ginger juice
1/2 tsp Extra Virgin Oil
1/4 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
Mix the following ingredients well and serve it with Baked Soya Cake

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Vegetarian Cocktail

I tasted this Cocktail in a Restaurant abroad Three years back.It can make your Meal more exciting and meaningful. This is an ideal,healthy and pleasant finish to any Meal and this finish is crisp and lingering.It is deliciously good enough to enthrall the Spirit of one and all - harnessing the flavor and aroma wonderfully well.This fresh Vegetable Cocktail can be attractively presented in a Cocktail or Mini Glass.U need to do this just before You are ready to eat or the Avocado or Apple will go black.Enjoy freshly Salad that comes as a Cocktail. This serves 4 nos.and is an easy to make wonder recipe at home. Enjoy Ur Meal!. BonAppetit!.

Vegetarian Cocktail - Choose Healthy Finish to any Meal
50 gms Lettuce - shredded
4 cherry tomatoes
50 gm Cucumber
50 gm plum tomatoes
4 lemon wedges
1/2 avocado or Apple
3-4 Tender coconut flush or IceApple(Nungu) Flush
1/2 tsp crushed black pepper

For the sauce:
1 tbsp Tomato ketchup
1 tbsp Mayonnaise
1 tsp Worcestershire Sauce
a dash of any good Soy Sauce(less than 1/2 tsp)


1.Add a cherry tomato to the bottom of a Cocktail glass then add the shredded Lettuce and season with a pinch of crushed black pepper and 1/2 tsp well mixed sauce.
2.Add sliced Cucumber around the edge and over it sliced plum tomato and 1/2 tsp of mixed sauce.
3.Then add the Avocado or Apple slices .
4.Simply mix the Sauce well and dip the Tender coconut(Ice Apple) flush in it and place it over the Avocado or Apple.
5.Place a lemon wedge on the edge and in 4 Cocktail or Mini Glasses.
6.Serve it with 4 slices of buttered or toasted Brown Bread.

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Chicken Keema Pav Bhaji Masala

Mostly traditional Vegetarian dishes remain untouched - even if they taste divinely good.Then, present this tantalising and Evergreen traditional dish with a twist in taste to make it a delightful delicacy at home.Thus done Chicken Keema Pav Bhaji Masala will be a perfect dish for a relaxed party atmosphere and fantastic one for friends and family get-togethers.Can be a packed for Lunch and this less-spiced and aromatic, easy to make and tasty accompaniment can pair up with all Variety Rices and Indian Breads.Try this amazingly good Chicken Keema Bhaji masala at home and it needs about 20 mins cooking time and serves 8 nos.Strict Vegetarians can try this recipe with 50 gms Soya granules (oil-roasted for 4 mins with masala and salt).U can even try Tofu Paneer or  Palak or Capsicum or Mushroom Bhaji Masala by adding grated Tofu paneer or chopped spinach or capsicum or Mushrooms with mashed potato,greenpeas and other spices respectively. Try this recipe at home.Enjoy ur Meal!. BonAppetit!.

Minced Chicken Pav Bhaji Masala - Tastefully  Delicious and Truly Good
Ingredients :
100 gms minced Chicken Keema  oil-roasted with 1/4 tsp any good mutton masala ,1 tsp pav bhajji masala with 1/4 tsp salt adding 100ml water for 6 mins on good flame (or  4 tbsp or 1/4 cup soya granules - washed , soaked for 5 mins in water and squeezed - and saute it for 2 more mins)
2 finely chopped Tomatoes
2 Onions -  finely chopped
1 big Potato(done and mashed)
1/4 cup fresh green peas
2 tsp any good Pav Bhaji masala
1/4 tsp turmeric powder
1/2 tsp Ginger-garlic paste
1 tsp lemon juice
a handful of chopped coriander leaves
1/2 cup of finely chopped onion-for garnishing
3/4 tsp or needed Salt
2 tbsp butter
2 tsp refined oil
1/2 cup water
20 -25 Pav buns
50 gm salted butter

    1.Heat butter + refined oil in a pan and saute finely chopped onion and ginger-garlic paste.
    2.When onions turn translucent,add tomato pieces and salt(adding salt will do the tomato pieces (quickly).
    3.Now add minced sauteed chicken,fresh green peas and water.Cook for 5 mins atleast(till water runs little dry) on good flame.
    4.Then add mashed potato and cook for 2 more mins.
    5.Add Pav Bhaji Masala powder,turmeric powder and little coriander leaves and stir for another 2-3 mins.
    6.Continue stirring till bhaji masala blends well all.Turn off the flame,when the bhaji is thick.Sprinkle lemon juice on top and garnish with chopped coriander leaves and finely chopped onions.
    For the Pav:
    Cut the Pav Buns into halves(leaving one edge) horizontally and lightly coat it with butter. Roast them on low flame in  tawa just before serving.

Sending this post to  'Cooking with Seeds - Peas Event hosted by Priya of Priya's Easy and Tasty Recipes

Monday, November 28, 2011

Dates Honey Cake

If cake can be done in such an amazing variety, this can be one.This cake is done without oil(used for greasing the tin),butter and sugar.Since Cake can be done with different flavors, fruits,colours,textures and Icings and this is done using honey, pulsed dates,grated ginger and dates syrup.Really tastes different and super delicious with mild sweetness. It can be done moist and better by adding 50 ml refined oil and even tastes so good without it and butter.Adding grated ginger makes it feel good and flavored as it goes well with honey and dates.Certainly an easy (piece of) Cake for expert hands to try it at home.U can try it with Wheat flour instead of Self raising flour and the result will be a super yumm Healthy Cake.Enjoy the best of Dates and honey experience!.Share the Joys of Life this Christmas Season!!. BonAppetit!.

Dates Honey Cake - A Feel Good Dessert
        1 1/4 cup self-raising flour
        100 ml good honey
        60 gm dates - pulsed fine with 100 ml milk
        10 dates - pulsed coarsely
        100 ml dates syrup          
        2 eggs - beaten well (optional)
        2 tbsp plain lowfat yoghurt
        2 tsp Maple syrup(optional)
        20 ml refined oil
        3/4 tsp grated ginger
        3/4 tsp baking powder
        a pinch of salt(less than 1/6 tsp)
1. Preheat oven to 180C.
2. Sieve  self-raising flour,salt and baking powder together.keep this aside..
3. Beat finely pulsed dates and milk with dates syrup using a hand mixer till it blends well.
4. Add it to the flour bowl and mix it with a spatulla adding coarsely pulsed dates,beaten eggs (optional),2 tbsp plain lowfat Yoghurt, Maple Syrup (optional) and grated ginger for few mins(5-7 mins) so that no lump should form.
5. Grease  8" cake tin with 2 - 3 tbsp oil or butter and place 2-3 tbsp coarsely pulsed dates
6. Pour the prepared mixture into the tin and bake for 30 - 35 mins or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean.
7. Remove from oven and allow it to cool for 20 minutes.Invert the tin on a wire rack and remove it carefully.
8. You can glaze it with honey and Slice and serve it hot along with tea or coffee.

Bread or Idli Chat - a Microwave Recipe

If I am asked to give an easy option for the famous North-Indian Snack Chat Variety,I will choose it to be with Bread or Idli. U barely need 2-3 mins Microwave cooking time to end this snack using microwave.Kids will luv the tangy Chat masala flavored Bread or Idli pieces.It can serve U a short-meal too.Try it at home for ur family's easy to make Snack.U can try this recipe with sprouted Mungdal,Oats,Noodles,Pasta, Cornflakes, Pappad,Oil-sauteed Potato,boiled Egg slices,little soaked Rice flakes,Soy Flakes etc.Enjoy Ur Teatime!.

Bread or Idli Chat:

4 Bread slices or 2 Idli- Edges removed and cut into bite sized pieces
1 onion finely chopped
1 tomato finely chopped(optional)
1 finely chopped green chilli
2 tbsp tomato sauce (mixed with 2 tsp Sugar)
1 tsp any good chat masala
3 tbsp plain Sev
few coriander leaves


1.Take a microwave-Safe bowl,mix all the ingredients except the plain sev and Microwave this on high for 2-3 mins.
2.Serve it hot sprinkling plain sev on top with Tea/Coffee.It can serve U a short-meal too.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Coffee Mousse

This Coffee Mousse has an unique taste with creamy coffee flavor that cannot be better described(put) in words.It has become a favourite of mine- since I have tasted it for the first time few  months back.This Divinely Delight  of the 'Coffee' lovers is very easy to make dessert at home and can be served as a rich creamy dessert to the invited Guests after a filling meal.Can be done in 15 mins and then made to rest in the fridge for over 2 hours.Can try the same recipe with Chocolate (cocoa powder),Strawberry(using crush),Mango,Lemon,Orange, Dates and Pineapple Mousse this way.Try this Mousse at home and Enjoy Ur Meal!. BonAppetit!
Coffee Mousse - Rich creamy Coffee Dessert
1 or 1  1/2 tbsp DavidOff INSTANT COFFEE powder
egg white of 2 Eggs
30gm castor sugar
70 ml double cream
1 tsp liquid  gelatin
2 tbsp cold water
1 tbsp honey - for decoration
2 tsp castor sugar + 1 tsp grated chocolate + 1 tsp instant coffee powder - mix it well
1.Dissolve liquid gelatin in cold water and keep it aside.
2.Add the Instant coffee powder into gelatin mixture and then melt it using double boiling.
3.Whip egg whites with sugar till it turns creamy with softy peaks.Beat the cream and fold in to the egg whites.
4.Then Stir in the gelatin mixture to the whipped egg whites and cream mixture and mix it well.
5.Pour in to 4 small round glasses and allow it to settle for 2 to 2 1/2 hours in the fridge.
6.When done,(turn it upside down or) decorate the mousse with honey on top and sprinkle 1/2 tsp (castor sugar+ coffee + choco flakes) mixture over it.That's all.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Crab Kuzhambu

Who will say 'no' to Crab if done good?.This can be a warming and comforting thick Coconut Sauce Crab Curry this winter season.Try this Kuzhambu with River Crabs.They are said to be tastier than other crabs. Clean the foul parts well and rinse it with salt.Needs about 15 mins cooking time and serves 4-5 nos.Enjoy tasty Crab Sauce and Ur Meal!.Bon Appetit!.

Crab Kuzhambu - Thick Coconut Sauce Kuzhambu made with Crabs
    5 Crabs
    1 no onion chopped
    1 no tomato chopped
    1 tsp mustard seeds
    1/2 tsp saunf seeds
    a sprig curry leaves
    ground masala (of green chillies-2-3,ginger-2 cm piece and 3 garlic cloves)
    1 tsp corianderleaves,curry leaves and mint leaves
    1/4 cup ground coconut paste with 2 tsp soaked khus-khus and 1/2 tsp saunf seeds
    1/2 tsp chilli powder
    1/2 tsp garam masala
    1/4 tsp turmeric powder
    2 tsp lemon juice
    2 tsp salt
    few coriander leaves
    2  tsp refined oil

    1.Heat oil in a pan, saute mustard seeds,fennel seeds,curry leaves,coriander leaves,mint leaves then chopped onions and chopped tomatoes.
    2.Add the ground greenchillies-ginger-garlic paste,1/4 tsp turmeric powder,chilli powder and garam masala
powder.Let it simmer for 5 mins.
    3.Add the crabs(cleaned with turmeric powder and salt),coconut-ground masala,300ml water and salt and cover the pan and cook for 12 mins.
    4.When the crabs is done,sprinkle lemon juice on top and turn off the flame.
    5.Serve this hot with steamed rice or Indian Breads.

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Dates Thokku - an Instant Pickle

Easy to make instant Dates pickle recipe is given here to try at home.It can be done in 12 mins with minimum spices and the sweet and sour taste will be luved by the kids.You can try this recipe with chopped raisins (kismis), dry figs and other dry fruits.Store it in an air-tight jar and keep it in the frige.U can have it for a week .But don't worry,it will get done in few days -if U have kids at home.It goes very well with steamed rice and sambar or yoghurt or curd rice.Try this at home and enjoy your Meal!.  BonAppetit!.

Dates Thokku(Pickle) - A variation of Pickle or say an Instant pickle done with Dates

20 Dates(de-seeded and cut into small pieces)
1 tsp chilli powder
a pinch of turmeric powder
1/4 tsp asafoetida powder
1/2 tsp white pepper powder
1/2 tsp fenugreek seeds
1/2 tsp mustard seeds
1 1/2 tsp salt or needed
1 tsp mustard seeds
5 tsp refined oil
1 lemon

    1.Ground 1/2 tsp fenugreek seeds and 1/2 tsp mustard seeds into fine powder.
    2.Heat oil in a non-stick frying pan,splutter mustard seeds,fenugreek-mustard powder and then the dates
pieces and saute them for 3-4 mins continuously.
    3.Add chilli powder,asafoetida powder,turmeric powder and salt and saute them till done for 4-5 mins.(if you have pickle powder,u can add 1 tsp when u add chilli powder(reduce it to 1/2 tsp) but it is optional).
    4.Sprinkle white pepper powder and mix it well for a min.
    5.Add the juice of a lemon,stir it well for a min and Turn off the flame .That'a all!

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Healthy Halwa

Last month I saw an innovative Halwa recipe-'Beetroot Banana Halwa' on TV, was done without cooking the ingredients.They used grated Beetroot,chopped Banana,Sugar and Almond flakes for the above said Halwa.I opted to change the recipe (since the intake of Banana helps U gain weight) and tweaked it by adding grated carrot and did healthier options like Dates for Banana and Honey for Sugar.The result turned out to be a  Colourful and taste-filled Natural Healthy Halwa.The beauty of the recipe is that it needs no cooking,no ghee,no sugar yet tastes deliciously divine.It can be said as Halwa since it retains the traditional taste of Sweet(Halwa).

The Old saying,'You are What You Eat' applies to Healthy Beauty.This Halwa's health benefits are immense since it improves blood generation and helps You get a glowing skin complexion.This Halwa can provide You the food suplement that can help U look better and healthy.Can be a real tasty treatment for anemic patients.So good is the recipe that I thought to share with you all.This needs 10 mins preparation time and  5 more mins for mixing the ingredients. Try this Dessert for a change. This will get u interested in exploring real Healthy no-cooking recipes more. Enjoy Good Food!. Enjoy Healthy and Delicious Life!.BonAppetit!.

Healthy Halwa - Done with no Ghee,Sugar and Cooking,
80 gms Beetroot - peeled
80 gms carrot - peeled
12 Seedless Dates
1/4 cup or 50 ml Honey.
few almonds
few pistachios
few raisins or kismis
1.Grate the vegetables(beetroot and Carrot).Pulse the dates coarsely.Peel the almonds and pulse it roughly with pistachios.  Keep this ready.
2.Take a bowl and mix the ingredients one by one.Add grated beetroot,grated carrot,pulsed dates,honey and pulsed almonds and pistachios(in the the same order) and Mix it for 2-3 mins.
3.Serve it immediately in 4 Dessert Bowls garnishing it with 1/2 tsp pulsed nuts and raisins.

I reposted this recipe here  to send it to 'Cook Eat Delicious Desserts' Event Hosed by Raven and co-hosted by Sensible Vegetarian

'Comfort Food' Event hosted by Daily Cuppa
'Let's Cook Speedy' Event hosted by Simply Food
and 'Healthy Morsels Pregnancy2' Event hosted by Taste of Pearl City

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Orange Honey Halwa

Orange Honey Halwa

Orange Honey Halwa- A Healthy Way to Ur Delicious Desires

Halwa is a dense or moist dessert or confection or sweet done with sugar or sugar syrup or honey or glucose. This word  'Halwa' is derived from the Arabic word 'al ḥalwā' meaning 'sweet confection'.This Orange Halwa is done using honey and without food color and sugar.This awesome blend of orange and honey yields a special taste though it is mild in sweetness. You can add 2 tbsp sugar in step 3 to adjust to your taste but it is optional.This rare combo is an absolute orangey - both in flavor and colour.This simply heavenly delicacy is done good in 30 mins cooking time and this serves 7 - 8 no.s.Don't forget to mix 1/2 tsp pure coconut oil with ghee since this adds a fine flavor and taste.Always choose Healthy Way to Delicious Desire. Enjoy Tasty and Delicious Life. BonAppetit!.

Orange Honey Halwa- Choose Healthy Way to Ur Delicious Desires

400 ml fresh orange Juice
150 ml any good honey
2 - 3 tbsp ghee mixed with 1/2 tsp pure coconut oil
2 tbsp chopped nuts and almonds
1/4 tsp cardamom powder
2 tbsp agar agar dissolved water (using 1 1/2 tsp powdered Agar agar)
2 tbsp sugar - if needed(optional)
1.Extract 400 ml orange Juice without adding water.
2.Heat orange juice in a thick sauce pan adding dissolved agar-agar for  about 10 mins on medium flame - keep on stirring it often.
3.When it begins to thicken, add honey little by little, cardamom powder and then crushed or chopped nuts and keep on stirring it continuously till it thickens and bubbles out in 8-10 mins time on low or medium flame.
4.Now keep the flame low and add 1 tsp ghee every min stirring it and repeat it for another 8 - 10 mins on low flame till it becomes semi-dry .
5.Spread it on a greased tray and allow it to settle without disturbing it for 30 - 40 mins.
6.It will become dense and now U can cut it into pieces and serve it warm(microwaving it for a min) .Tastes divinely if served warm.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Stuffed Ginger Choco Truffles

Usually Chocolate Truffles are made with a mixture of  dark chocolate,double cream and butter.This mixture or ganache is then traditionally rolled in cocoa powder.U can try this given recipe to do Homemade Choco Truffles this Christmas easily.This recipe makes about 12 ginger flavored and dates stuffed truffles.U can make your own flavored Choco Truffles version with Ur choice of stuffing such as coffee,flavoring agaents or extracts and finish it with different coatings such as dessicated coconut,roasted nuts and grated chocolate.Can gift it to ur luved ones this Season.U can keep it outside for about 20  mins.Try this recipe at home.Enjoy delicious Truffles this Teatime.BonAppetit!.

Stuffed Ginger Choco Truffles:
    100gm any good quality dark chocolate - broken into small pieces
    50 ml double cream
    10 gm unsalted butter
    1 tsp grated ginger
    3 tbsp Icing sugar - to dust
    1 tbsp Cocoa powder- sifted
    10 - 12 seedless dates with caramelized cashews inside
    1.Do the caramelized cashews: Take 15 whole cashewnuts and 30gms sugar.Heat sugar in a kadai and stir it for 2 mins till it gets melted or caramelized.Add the cashews and stir it well fast for 20 secs so that it gets evenly coated before becoming sticky.Turn off the flame and collect the cashewnuts in a bowl.
    2.Pulse the dark chocolate pieces into powder.Place cream and butter in a bowl using double-boiling and when it boils, then immediately pour over the pulsed chocolate. Mix until chocolate has melted in and reaches the simmering point.(This is called a ganache.).
    3.Add the grated ginger and mix well and remove from fire.
    4.Set aside at room temperature, covered, for half an hour to cool completely and let it settle in the freezer for 2 hours.
    5.Use a spoon to scoop out lemon sized pieces.Dust your hands with a little icing sugar and roll it,spread it, stuff the dates and roll mixture into balls using hands and dust it in Cocoa powder.
    6.Serve with Tea/coffee.
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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Honey Boondhi Yoghurt

This simple Yoghurt is super delicious and easy to do.Boondhi Laddu will be left untouched most of the time. U can use it with Yoghurt and serve it a dessert with honey.My husband's Srilankan Friend once said that they never serve or use yoghurt or curd with rice but serve it as healthy dessert with honey after a filling meal. Hope this recipe makes an easy and enjoyable dessert if tried at home.Can try it added with chopped banana or seedless black grapes or pomegranate or soaked raisins or dates or finely chopped tender coconut or grated coconut instead of Boondhi Laddu in this recipe for variation.Can also replace condensed milk for yoghurt and try this recipe.Enjoy easy Dessert at home.

Honey Boondhi Yoghurt
300 ml low fat yoghurt
3 Boondhi Laddus(120 gms) - shredded
3 tbsp honey

1.Take 1/3 rd of Boondhi Laddu and keep it aside.
2.Mix the other two with Yoghurt and refrigerate for 20 mins in the freezer.
3.Take 3 - 4 dessert bowls and transfer the Boondhi Yoghurt,top it with a tbsp sweet boondhi(kept aside in Step 1) and drizzle 2 tsp honey on top.
4.Serve it immediately.That's all.

1. U can replace boondhi with finely chopped tender coconut or halved seedless black grapes or chopped dates or soaked raisins and try this Healthy Yoghurt Dessert with honey.
2.To make it a lot easier,can do Yoghurt Dessert with Jam or Jelly with honey.Kids will luv it if served Chill.
2.If U don't like honey being added,try it with 1 - 2 tsp sugar.


1. I deem great pleasure to receive my Very first Award from Jay of 'Tasty Appetite' - a well known Versatile Foodblogger and an Inspiring Personality.She gave it (that's too) when I was little known.Her supportive gesture deeply motivated and truly inspired me to do this well.Its really special for me and feel honoured.I feel worthy enough to receive this Awards now.
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The questions are as follows-

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4.How would you spend your vacation and with whom?
5.If given a life,what life would you choose ?
Your life now or your past?
6.Is there something that you wished before when you were young but you didn’t get it?
7.Have you been in a situation where you might have given up but you still choose to move on?
8.Is there someone in your life who has been your source of strength and inspiration?

Here is my answers-

1.That's Easy!..Anything Funny...Even a good joke will do.
2.Wish to publish a book of my recipes and planing to do 2 more spaces soon.
3.Luv it in Maldives and its clean beach.
4.With my Husband and our family.
5.Luv to be the Same Christy - Wife of Mr.Gerald - a wonderful human.
6.I believe in God's Will or Destiny and learned to take Life as it comes.
7.I longed to become a Civil Servant since I shined in Quizzes.Not able to hurdle pass the Mains in my three attempts before flying abroad.The person who got 70 -odd treasured  books of mine (for free) - cleared the Civils (in 69th Rank as an IAS Officer) two years after that.The saddest part is he didn't even bother to thank me once or return back the books.
8.My Husband Gerry,My Family,my M-I-L Mrs.Creda Isaac and the most important Source of strength is my God-fearing Godmother (Chinna Paattima) Mrs.Chelliah Durairaj for these 40 wonderful God-gifted Years after my Baptism.
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Tender Coconut Pudding - a Microwave Recipe

Pudding has become a popular Dessert  and a regular feature in many Indian Homes.Healthy Dessert is  seldom served in a wholesome Meal.This healthy combination of tender coconut and Oats make it a nutritious Dessert and a sure delight every time.Easy to make,delicious to have,this quick and simple Dessert recipe adds healthy flavor and rich  taste to the Pudding since done using Microwave Oven or steam-cooking.
Needs 15 mins Cooking time and serves 4-5 nos.U can try this recipe with Agar-agar instead of tender coconut.Best served Chilled with Caramel Sauce.Enjoy Easy Dessert at home!.Enjoy Your Meal!. BonAppetit!.

Tender Coconut Pudding - (a Microwave Recipe)
Tender Coconut of 3 nos(or 100 gms)
250 ml low fat milk
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
1 egg - beaten well
2 tbsp Oats
100 gms Sugar
2 tsp tutti frutti
2 tsp crushed pista

1.Soak Oats in the milk and pulse it with the beaten egg,vanilla essense,sugar and the tender coconut.
2.Add tutti frutti and crushed nuts and mix it well.
3.Transfer it into a microwave-safe bowl,bake it in cake recipe Auto mode for 12 to 15 mins covering it till done or Microwave it on High for 5 mins and on medium-high for 4 - 6 mins covering it.
(or) U can steam-cook it for 15 - 20 mins in bowl covering it with Aluminium foil with holes on it for steam to escape.
4.Leave it for 10 mins to settle and turn it upside down.
5.Serve it chilled in dessert bowls with Caramel Sauce on Top.

For the Caramel Sauce:
100 gms Castor sugar

1.Microwave the castor sugar for three mins on high in a microwave-safe bowl.Take the bowl out and mix it.
2.Again microwave this on high for 2 mins.Take the bowl out and mix it.w
3.Again,microwave it on high for 2 mins.Take the bowl out and serve or if needed microwave it on medium-high for 2 more mins.Mix it well and serve it on top of the pudding.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Choco Tarts

This recipe states the preparation of tasty tarts made with Chocolate filling.Savour the fabulous taste of Choco Tarts - made-easy at home.U can do this Tarts on special occasions or kid's parties.Its a lot easier to do if U have tart shells.For best results,always remember that the baking powder added should be fresh.With this measurements, U can do about 6 Tarts.Enjoy baking at home.Enjoy Ur Teatime!.BonAppetit!.

Choco Tarts:
1/2 cup refined flour
2 tbsp butter
1/6 tsp baking powder
2 tsp powdered sugar
water to make enough dough

Choco Fillings:
50 gms grated chocolate
40 gms sugar
2 tbsp crushed nuts

1.Preheat the oven to 360 F or 190 C.
2.Sift the flour and baking powder.Add to it the butter and sugar.Using fingers,rub the mixture to get a crumbled texture.
3.Add few tbsps water and form into a smooth dough.Do not knead the dough but cover with a damp cloth and chill for 30 mins.
4.On a flat-surface,roll the dough into big round of 1/2 cm thickness.Using pastry cutter,cut it out 5 -6 smaller rounds and press into tart shells or muffin cups.
5.Prick the surface  with a fork.Place the tart shells in a baking tray.
6.Bake it for 11-13 mins.Leave it on the rack to cool. Meanwhile, prepare the filling.

For the Choco filling:
1.Heat grated chocolate in a Non-stick sauce pan adding sugar and butter.Stir it for 1-2 mins till it caramelize
on medium flame.Stir it till gets thick.Turn off the flame.
3.Immediately add it to the Tarts and sprinkle 1/2 tsp crushed nuts on each filling -if needed and serve it hot or warm.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Simple Scones

Simple & easy to make breakfast/tea time savoury item.The scone is a small Scottish quick bread made with wheat or oatmeal or even cornmeal.British scones are lightly sweetened savoury.Strong favourite of kids because of its delicate and flaky texture.U can do stuffing of your choice with puri masala or samosa masala etc...or sweet stuffing grated coconut and jaggery or grated cheese or grated paneer or with dates and dry fruits, jams etc...Can do it using muffin cups.U can top it with combinations of cheese,onion,grated cheese, paneer,  etc... if U don't like the stuffing inside.Enjoy tasty teatime/Breakfast!. BonAppetit!.

Simple Scone -  Small Scottish quick bread
    1 1/4 cup self-raising flour
    40 -50 gms butter
    2 tbsp sugar
    50 ml milk
    1 egg - beaten
    a pinch of salt

    1.Sift in together the refined flour with a pinch of salt and sugar
    2.Stir in adding milk and 15 gms butter and knead it well to get a smooth and soft dough.Rub in the butter     and spread it again.Repeat it 3 times - don't knead it too much since the dough may turn harder.
    3.Shape it into scones using 5 cm diameter cutter and arrange it in a greased baking sheet with 1 -2 cm equal space between the scones.
    4.Brush the tops of the scones with beaten egg or butter.
    5.Bake in 220 deg C pre-heated oven for 12 - 15 min till golden.
    6.Serve hot with sauce or jam or butter or fresh cream.