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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Brown Riceflakes Puttu (Samba Aval Puttu)

Today Brown Riceflakes - Brown  Poha (Samba Aval) Puttu has been served freshly as the Healthy recipe of the Day. Steam Cooked Short-meal is termed the healthiest and one of the most-preferred Breakfast/Dinner  in South-India.Last week I tasted this Brown Riceflakes Puttu in a Kerala Restaurant as one of the healthiest and tastiest preparation.It is done with less-ingredients and is taken with Grated coconut -Sugar or jaggery Mixture or Red Banana slices or with Sugar-added Coconutmilk or Low Fat milk.mostly. Enjoy tasty and healthy breakfast and Have a Great Day.BonAppetit!.
Brown Riceflakes Puttu (Samba Aval Puttu)


200 gm Brown Riceflakes or Samba Aval or Brown Pressed Rice
1/4 salt or needed
1/2 tsp cardamom powder(optional)
70 ml lukewarm water

3-4 tbsp grated coconut
4 tbsp crushed Jaggery or Sugar
2-3 Red Banana
1 cup coconutmilk or Lowfat milk


1. Pulse the Brown riceflakes 5-6 times  using a Mixer-Grinder.
2.Spread the pulsed rice flakes in a plate and sprinkle salt and needed lukewarm water.Mix it well and add cardamom powder(optional) to it.
3.Knead it like a shredded dough sprinkling lukewarm water little by little.
4.Spread it in Idli-cooker plates or in Puttu maker and Steam-cook for 10-12 mins and leave it for 10 mins before serving it hot with  grated coconut and crushed Jaggery or Sugar,Red Banana Slices,1 cup coconutmilk or Lowfat milk.Enjoy Healthy Breakfast.Enjoy Life!.

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Hamaree Rasoi said...

Puttu looks to be awesome and delicious. Lovely and colorful preparation dear.

Hamaree Rasoi

Ramya said...

That is such a nice idea:-) I have half pack of brown rice flakes in my pantry..Sure gona try this!