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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Roasted Chickpeas (Channadal) - a microwave recipe

This Roasted Chickpeas can be done in 10 -12  mins time using Microwave Oven and is a healthy alternative to the kadai-roasted chickpeas. Very homemade and little crisp Oven Roasted Chickpeas can serve a handy evening Snack for kids of all ages.Check ur M/W Oven Manual timings before rushing to Kitchen.Try this at home and enjoy it with a Cup of Tea or Coffee.Enjoy Easy homemade Snacks!.

Roasted White-Chickpeas - Dry White-Chickpeas roasted with spices
    100 gm dry White Chickpeas or Channadal - wash twice in water,soak it for 40 mins and wipe it dry
    1/2 tsp chilli powder
    a pinch of garam masala
    1/6 tsp salt
    2- 3 chopped curry leaves
    3 - 4 tsp refined oil
    1/4 tsp ghee


    1.Mix all the ingredients well so that the masala gets evenly spread on chickpeas,spread the chickpeas on a
microwave-safe tray and Microwave it on high for 4 mins.
    2.Take the tray out and mix it well.Microwave it on high for 2-3 mins again.
    3.Take the tray out mix it well.If needed, add 1/2 tsp oil and microwave this on medium-high for 3-4 mins till it turns little crisp.
    4.Take the tray out after 5 mins.
    5.Serve this Roasted Chickpeas with Tea or Coffee.

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Kaveri said...

Nice recipe..very addictive chickpeas

Premalatha Aravindhan said...

wow perfect snacks,love it with a cup of tea...

Sushma Mallya said...

Lovely recipe,looks so crunchy and yummy!

Prabhamani said...

Recipe luks nice.One doubt have to soak channa dal for over night right?

MyKitchen Flavors-BonAppetit!. said...

I did n't.Made it wet by rinsing it 2 - 3 times or U can for 5 mins.Don't do over that.That won't turn out crisp.

SprigBlossoms said...

Thanks for sharing your simple yet delicious recipes :) Probably the same can be done using oven, but for a longer time?

Saru Singhal said...

I will try it, looks like something nice to munch:)