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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Black-Plum Rasam with Bran Rice and Ketti Paruppu Curry

Black plum(jamun)or Naaval Pazham can be an excellent fruit-supplement for diabetic patients.It can help lowering cholesterol.It has been said that Dried jamun fruits and seeds,powdered(1-tsp Jamun powder) taken twice a day to bring down blood sugar.If U wish to include it in Diet daily,U can do raita,salad,this Rasam,sugar-free juice etc.No need to add tamarind pulp as I used Lemon juice instead.Serve this Jamun Rasam hot with plain rice and thick toordal(ketti paruppu) curry or Strain and have it alone like a soup.Enjoy ur Meal!.BonAppetit!.

Black-Plum Rasam - Rasam made with Jamun Fruits and spices
    150 gms Black Plum -deseeded and chopped and chopped fine
    2 whole red chillies
    1/2 tsp cumin seeds
    1/2 tsp mustard seeds
    1 sprig curry leaves
    a pinch of asafoetida powder
    1 small Tomato - (crushed with hand in 200 ml water with few coriander leaves)
    juice of 1/2 lemon
    2 tbsp chopped coriander
    Make paste with 1 tsp cumin seeds,2-3 cloves of garlic,12 peppercorns and 2 cm ginger piece with 100 ml water
    2 tsp refined oil
    1 cup water
    3/4 tsp salt or to taste

    1.Heat oil in a kadai, add mustard seeds,whole red chillies, curry leaves  and little chopped coriander leaves and saute this for a min.
    2.Then add the fresh paste of garlic-pepper corns and needed salt.Saute this for 2 mins.
    3.Add the crushed tomato(in 1 cup water),black-plum pieces,1 cup water,the remaining chopped coriander leaves, asafoetida powder and the needed salt.Bring it to boil on low-flame.
    4.When rasam begins to boil,add the lemon juice and remove it from the flame.
    5.Serve this Jamun Rasam hot with plain rice and thick toordal(ketti paruppu) curry or Strain and have it alone like a soup.

Bran Rice:
Clean well 1 1/2 cups Bran rice and Pressure-cook upto 4-5 whistle adding 3 1/2 cups water.Leave it aside for 10 mins and serve it with Ghee Ketti Paruppu Curry(Dry Dal Curry) and Rasam.

Ketti Paruppu Curry:

70 gms Turdal(Toordal) - washed well
1 small tomato-chopped
1/4 tsp cumin seeds
a pinch turmeric powder
1/4 tsp asafoetida powder
2 green chillies
3/4 tsp salt or to taste
few curry leaves and coriander leaves
1/2 tsp mustard seeds
2 red chillies
2 sambar onions - chopped fine
2 tsp coconut oil + 1 tsp ghee
500 ml water

1.Take a pressure pan,add cleaned Turdal(toordal),chopped tomato,turmeric powder,asafoetida powder,1/4 tsp cumin seeds,2 green chillies and few coriander leaves.
2.Measure 300 ml water and add it to the Pressure pan.Mix them well and pressure cook upto 7 whistles.
3.Heat 2 tsp coconut oil in a kadai,Splutter mustard seeds,chopped onions,whole red chillies(optional) and curry leaves and oil-saute it for 2 mins till the onions get done.
4.Add the pressure-cooked Turdal,salt,chopped coriander leaves and close the pressure pan (don't put whistle)  and let it simmer for 3 mins till gets mixed and done in medium flame.
5.Sprinkle a dash of ghee on top and garnish with coriander leaves.
6.This tasty Ketti Paruppu Curry is ready to be served with Steamed rice or Bran Rice with Rasam or Bread slices or Indian Breads.

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Anonymous said...

super... super... thanks for sharing with us sister...

Saraswathy Balakrishnan said...

looks so tempating and tasty...inviting platter of foodies my dear

abraham said...

nice thoughtful dish, regards susan of Chacko's Kitchen

Hyma said...

wow...beauiful idea to use Plums in rasam...will deftly try!

Kaveri Venkatesh said...

Hey I am becoming a fan of all your innovative recipes..I just can't wait to taste the plum rasam

Unknown said...

This is sodifferent!!! PLUM RASAM!!! :D
I have suggested ur blog to one of my frd's mom. SHe loves to learn new cooking styles and varieties. SO I helped her subscribe to ur blog :)
Thank you for your comment on my blog. I did not know people from a generation older than us would enjoy such fiction. People tend to get judmental. :)

Mahi said...

Perfect lunch combo!

Aakash Kokz said...

Super likes ... haven't tried it but would love to :-)

Aakash Kokz