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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Vanilla Tea Soymilkshake

This is a recipe of Tea milkshake. Vanilla  flavored Teabags r easily available in Dubai. I had a chance of tasting it last week and tried this soymilkshake few days back as  the flavors blended nicely. Tastes fine if served Chilled with Vanilla Icecream Scoop on top.Try it at home if u get a chance to buy Vanilla flavored Tea-since it needs few simple ingredients.This Serves 4.Enjoy it anytime!.BonAppetit!.

Vanilla Tea Soymilkshake -Soymilk blended with Vanilla tea extract.

3-4 tbsp vanilla Tealeaves
500 ml Soymilk
300gm vanilla Icecream
250 ml water
3 tbsp sugar


1.Heat 250 ml water and prepare tea extracts or black-tea after water begins to boil.
2.Add it to Soymilk and add sugar and mix it well.
3.Refrigerate for 20 mins atleast.Blend in a mixer and Serve it in tall glasses or with vanilla Icecream on top.Enjoy!.

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