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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Sweet Pathaneer Kanji (porridge) - a Microwave Recipe

Pathaneer (juice extracted from palm) has low-fat, low calorific value (396 for 100 gms) and rich nutritive value.This sweet beverage,white palm-sap,is rich in Calcium (58.7%mg) and very good for growing kids. Pathaneer tastes very sweet too.But use fresh Pathaneer (b4 it gets fermented) in this recipe.Diabetic Patients please excuse.Try this recipe at home and enjoy the taste of the South.

Sweet Pathaneer Kanji (porridge) - Very famous South-Tamilnadu porridge


    1 cup Raw Rice(pacharisi) - soaked for 30 mins
    4 cups or or 750ml Pathaneer
    1/2 cup Red Cow-Peas(thattam Payaru)- cleaned well and soaked for 2 hours
    1/4 salt
    1 cup grated Coconut
    1 tsp dry ginger powder(sukku powder)
    2- 3 -green cardamoms -crushed
    few Crushed ghee-roasted Cashews and raisins

    1.Take a big-Microwave bowl and add raw-rice, pathaneer, red-Cowpeas and salt. Mix well.
    2.Microwave this on high for about 20 mins.Stir this after 15th min once.
    3.Take the bowl out and add the grated coconut,crushed cardamoms and the ghee-roasted cashews and
raisins and microwave this on high for 10 more mins,stirring every 5 mins.
    4.Transfer this Sweet Porridge into serving bowls and serve this hot or chilled.(This Porridge will turn out to be a payasam if u don't add red cow beans and dry ginger powder) cause the pathaneer gives the  required sweetness to this dish( without adding sugar).

Pathaneer,at initial stages(when collected) does not ferment (non- alcoholic) and tastes very sweet. As time goes by, it ferments and becomes alcoholic and tastes sour (Kallu) and therefore use fresh pathaneer to try this recipe.

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