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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ezy Veg Noodles

This recipe states a simple and tasty Indian Veg Noodles done as salad and prepared using Microwave.This aromatic noodles can be done well under 10 mins and serves a short-meal too.Addition of pure coconut oil makes it aromatic.Check ur Manual timings as it may vary 1 -2 mins/model.Enjoy Easy cooking and Ur Meal!.BonAppetit!

Ezy Veg Noodles - South Indian Easy Noodles Preparation.


100 gms Noodles pack
1 Carrot - scrapped and diced
5 french beans - chopped fine
1 small potato - peeled and diced
1 small onion -peeled and chopped fine
4 tsp  coconut oil or olive oil
2 tastemakers


1.Wash well the vegs and chop them fine.Boil 400 -450 ml water in a M/Wave-safe bowl keeping it on high for 2 mins.
2.Add 1 tsp olive or coconut oil,noodles split into 5 portions and the tastemakers.Mix it well and M/W this on high for 3 mins.
3.Take the bowl out and mix it well.M/w on medium high  for 4-6 mins.Check for doneness and remember the noodles shd not be too dry.Keep it aside.
4.In another M/W safe bowl,add 2 tsp oil,all chopped Vegetables and a pinch of salt.Mix it well.M/W on high for 2 mins.Take it out and mix it well.Again do it on medium high for 2 more mins.
5.Mix the noodles with the veg while serving it.(Don't mix them before).


Those who are not dieting can add 1 tbsp plain or  garlic Mayo to the Veg Noodles.

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kranthi said...

i love noodles a lot. this is easy and tasty too. gonna try for sure

மாய உலகம் said...

nice... thanks

Priya said...

I can surive for many days with this delicious noodles..yumm!

divya said...

Wow they looks super inviting and delicious..

Saru Singhal said...

Looks so delicious!