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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Brinjal - Fruity Salad

Brinjals roasted in little oil with pepper and salt mixed with grated coconut,apple,pomegranate,grapes,dates and raisins. U can do this with 2 mins coconut or olive oil-roasted potato cubes or Chopped French-fries or Caramelized Potato Wedges.U can pack it for Lunch w/o adding the sliced Apple and grated coconut on top of Noodles.Tasty salad to try at home.

Brinjal-Fruity Salad - Brinjals oil- sauteed with pepper,salt and lemon juice mixed with fruits

    2 brinjals - sliced into pieces
    1 apple - peeled and sliced fine
    a handful of pomegranate seeds(optional)
    10 grapes,seedless - cut into halves
    5 dates -chopped fine
    10 raisins - chopped fine
    1 tsp white pepper powder
    1/4 tsp salt
    1/2 tsp lemon juice
    1 or 2 tbsp grated coconut
    2 tsp pure coconut or olive oil


    1.Slice brinjals,apple,grapes and dates.Keep it aside.
    2.Mix the sliced Brinjals with 1/4 tsp white pepper powder and salt.Heat oil in a non-stick frying pan.
    3.Add sliced brinjals and oil-roast it for 2 mins till it is 3/4th done.Turn off the flame.keep it aside.Add lemon juice and mix it well.
    4.Take a Salad bowl.Add apple slices,pomegranate, grapes,dates,raisins and grated Coconut.Mix it well.
    5.Toss it well.
    6.Serve it with Orange Lassi (an Ideal Combo) and Garlic Bread or Ur choice of Sandwich or Pasta .

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Sobha Shyam said...

very interesting salad, i just loved the combo, bookmarked it..

Panchamrutham said...

Thats a nice way to enjoy the taste of eggplant

divya said... mouth watering...delish..thx for s different recipe:-)

Suja said...

Intresting salad..sounds unique..bookmarked

Rebecca from Chow and Chatter said...

interesting but looks tasty

Uma said...

Very Interesting salad with brinjal. Healthy too.

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மாய உலகம் said...

Very Interesting salad ... thanks for sharing sistor