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Monday, March 05, 2012

How to Sprout Green Mung Beans

This post narrates U easy directions to sprout Green Mungbeans and Other grams hygienically at home. U need to spend 5 mins time for it totally. Hereafter, U can do easy Sprouts spending half the money that U use to buy at the grocery stores and can easily be done even by a 10 year old. Here, is that 3 steps process that sprout Green Gram so that U  don't need to buy  it from shops. Enjoy Healthy cooking at home!. Enjoy Healthy Life!. Bon Appetit!

Sprouted Green gram
100 gms Green Mung beans
water - as needed
1.Wash and clean Green gram 2 - 3 times and drain water.
2.Add 200 ml drinking water and wrap the vessel with an aluminium foil or vegetable wrapper punching 5-7 holes on it.
3.After 3 hours, drain water (U may find sprout appearing and abt 30 ml water left) if any and again sprinkle 50 ml drinking water over it and cover the vessel with that wrap again. Leave it undisturbed for 12-13 hours.
4.U can gather it (clean and drain it once) and use it in Curry,Soup,Salad or Stir fry.


Rinku Naveen said...

Very useful post indeed!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the tips.


Faseela said...

Very Informative post Christy

Bikram said...

I like this , I rememebr I was in india staying in bhubhneshwar hotel where This was served as a snack with onions-tomatoes green chillies etc ..

It looks simple to make , I will try this for sure ..

nice and healthy ..


hemalata said...

Wonderful post.

Aline Cinehindi said...

Great and yummy post!

Julie said...

Even I do it the same way,nice post!!

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Rosh said...

Very nutritious! Please link this to my ongoing event. Thanks!

Chef Al dente On going event: Gimme GREEN!

matheikal said...

Thanks for this simple recipe. In case wife goes on leave, I can manage to eat something :)

SRS said...

very useful! I have tried sprouting about twice in the past - I failed miserably once though! I want to try this foil method - last time i used a thin cloth to hang the wet sprouts....