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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Watermelon Halwa

Yet another recipe of fruity Halwa is given here to try at home.Really this halwa is an ideal substitute for Carrot Halwa.In Summer time, we make often as Wmelon is available cheaper too.Yummy,flavorful and colourful Halwa in 25 mins time.Tastes so good.U can do it adding mawa (w/o adding liq.gel or corn flour).This recipe is done with out it.Adjust the amt of sugar to be added as per taste.U can do the same recipe with yellow or white pumpkin, papaya, Pomegranate Halwa, Apple,Ice-Apple (Nungu),etc...U can add rose essence instead of vanilla or do it without adding  a flavor.Give it a try.Enjoy Ur Teatime or special Occasions.Enjoy Cooking at home.Bon Appetit!.

Watermelon Halwa - Halwa done with fruits


1 kg water melon- cut,de-seeded and pulsed 3 times in a mixer grinder with powdered sugar
400 gm sugar - powdered
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
10 cashewnuts-chopped fine
5 Almonds -peeled and flaked
3 tbsp ghee
1 tsp corn flour - diluted well in 20 ml lukewarm water
1/2 tsp liquid gel - diluted well in water in 30 ml water(don't add more)

1.Gather the watermelon pieces and pulsed 3 times in a mixer grinder with powdered sugar(Don't add water).Pressure cook upto 1 whistle without adding water.This speediate the cooking process.Leave it for pressure to be released.
2.In a frying pan,add 1tbsp of ghee and chopped cashewnuts.Saute well for a minute.keep this aside.
3.Add the pulsed melon pulp,1 tbsp ghee and diluted cornflour to the same pan and mix well.Stir cook for 3-4 mins atleast.
4.Then add diluted liquid gel and  stir well(till water runs dry)for 5 more mins.
5.Then ghee-roasted cashews,flaked almonds and vanilla essence and Stir cook this for 3-5 mins more adding a tsp of ghee every min.This halwa shd be semi-dry.Tranfer it to a ghee-greased tray and leave it undisturbed for 30 mins .Cut it into desired shapes when serving.(This will come as shown in the click)
6.Very tasty W.Melon Halwa is ready to be served at teatime.

Submitting this recipe to Festival Potluck hosted by Krithi's Kitchen and  Denny's Page.


Mani said...

I've tasted different flavour halwas like banana,pine apple,orenge etc.. Kozhikkodu(calicut) Halwa makers are famous for such innovative technique. This new flavour is first hearing from you.. mouth watering..clicked twice on interesting. Thanks.

Julie said...

Awesome! This is new to me and love the colour . . very innovative!!!

divya said...

Wow.. That was a superb hit, dear!!

Umm Mymoonah said...

Oooh! Lovely, superb red and shiny halwa, yummy!

Neha said...

Wow..I have never heard of watermelon halwa...Your recipes are awesome dear...

Vardhini said...

Wow .. new one and looks so inviting .. yum.

Event: Halloween Fiesta

Saru Singhal said...

This is amazing and looks delicious...

Indu said...

watermelon halwa!! This sounds so different, and it has a nice colour. Think I have to try this one out.

Indu @