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Friday, October 14, 2011

Cornflakes Mixer/ Caramelized Cornflakes

U can do delightful teatime snacks with Cornflakes.Here,two Good teatime-Snack Recipes are given.One is Spicier and other one is sweeter - the Caramelized Cornflakes. Nowadays,Honey Cornflakes are available..But,this homemade Caramelized Cornflakes may help U serve  teatime Snacks for ur kids sometimes.Here are the recipes

1.Cornflakes Mixer - A Microwave Recipe


100 gm Cornflakes
less than 1/4 tsp Chilli Powder
a pinch of salt(very little only)
20 gms cashew nuts
a pinch of asafoetida
1 garlic pod - crushed
1 sprig of curry leaves
2 tbsp  refined oil


1.Mix all the Ingredients with Corn flakes well.Toss it till the spices gets evenly mixed.Transfer this Cornflakes
into a Microwave-safe bowl.
2.Microwave this on high for 3-4 min or on medium-high for 6-7 mins.[sometimes this may differ by 1-2 mins in other M/W Oven Model].
3.Serve these Spicy Cornflakes with evening Tea/Coffe.Enjoy your Teatime.Similarly U can do  Caramelized Cornflakes -  for ur kids at home.It tastes so Good and U need to spare 5 mins to give it a try.

2.For Caramelized Cornflakes:

50 gms Cornflakes
100 gms of sugar

1.Dry-roast cornflakes for 30 secs.Keep it aside.
2.Heat a thick bottomed kadai and caramelize the sugar(without adding anything).When the sugar begins to melt,just add Dry-roasted Corn flakes and stir it for a min or more till the sugar gets coated evenly.Don't do it over 1 1/2 mins(it turns lil bitter) - after adding the cornflakes.Turn off the flame.
3.Leave it for 5 mins and now u can see the cornflakes coated with sugar syrup evenly.

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ஸாதிகா said...

wow. this is my fav. of all the mixer. super karu karu super moru moru.

Prathima Rao said...

Bookmarked!!! A healthy & yummy & of course a guilt free snack...
Prathima Rao
Prats Corner

kranthi said...

woww...thats a perfect snack with tea.

Jeyashris Kitchen said...

yummy and crispy mixture

முற்றும் அறிந்த அதிரா said...

mmmm very yummy. I tasted the spicy one... suppppper...

good recipe.

Swathi said...

cornflakes mixer looks delicious. nice snack

Seema said...

Wow its lokking so yummy

Akila said...

mmmm.... yummy yummy...
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divya said...

Simple and healthy recipe.. looks perfect !!

Pranati Nath said...

this is sure a wonderful combo..looks great n delicious.

மாய உலகம் said...

good recipe... i like karu karu moru moru.. thanks for sharing sister