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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sweet Bombay Toast

Still remember those old days I used to have this Toast often as a kid.Our family usually have this kind of Toasts for the breakfast on Sunday Mornings before going to the Church Service.This simple-made recipe is lip-smackingly delicious.U need abt 10 mins time to try this recipe.Enjoy Easy breakfast with this Bombay Toast.Reposted for the Breakfast Club Event.

Sweet Bombay Toast - Bread Toasts made with Milk-Egg-Sugar mix


10 bread slices
150 ml FullCream milk
2-3 eggs
5 tbsp sugar
2 tsp butter
2 tsp ghee
2 tsp refined oil
a drop of vanilla essence


1.Beat the eggs and add it to lukewarm milk and add sugar.Beat this well using a hand mixer.U can add a drop of vanilla essence if u add 3 eggs (in this way the toast is well-coated and the eggy flavor gets lost too).
2.Mix oil,butter and ghee together.
3.Heat tawa,spread oil-butter.Dip a slice of bread in the Milk-egg mix (it should be half-soaked )and toast till golden brown turning (add a spoon of milk-egg mixture before turning side) it once on either side.
3.In this way the bread retains the sweet moisture of milk-egg mix and it will retain its shape without breaking.
4.Can be used for breakfast.Kids can have it as snack in the evening.

Submitting this post to Breakfast Club Event hosted by Krithi's Kitchen and  Helen's Fuss Free Flavors


Raksha said...

Wonderful recipe. Glad to follow you.

magiceye said...


why is it called 'bombay' toast? because it is as delicious ;)