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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fruits-Bikis Icecream Dessert

This is one of my family's dessert.Really yummy.The author of this recipe is my Father.He first tried it when I studied II Std with these fruits,Milk Bikis and plain Milk IceCream.He adopted different methods to include healthy food intakes- when I was a kid.He added Chocolate Cookies,Mango Icecream or Butterscotch Icecream later in this Dessert- after they got introduced in my District.Hope U wd like it.Try this wonderful Dessert at home .Make ur kids eat healthy Desserts even when U serve them Icecream .U can try  this adding Soymilk instead of Low Fat Milk.U can try this Dessert as a Smoothie too. Enjoy ur Meal with a healthy finish. Bon Appetit!.

Fruits-Bikis Icecream Dessert - Yummy Blend of fruits,biscuits and Icecream

    6 Milk Bikis
    4 Chocolate Cookies
    1 Ripe banana - cut into fine pieces
    1 Apple -peeled and chopped fine
    15 Dates- 12 deseeded and 3 chopped fine
    10 Raisins
    10 cashewnuts - crushed
    250 ml low fat milk
    50 ml condensed milk
    3 tbsp Horlicks powder
    200gm vanilla or butterscotch or mango icecream
    2 tbsp cadburys milk chocholate flakes
    2 tbsp sugar
    2 tbsp honey
    few wafers


    1.Grind 5 milk bikis,3 Chocolate Cookies,3 tbsp horlicks,1/2 banana pieces,3/4 apple pieces,10 dates,100 gm vanilla or any icecream,20 ml condensed milk,250 ml Low fat milk,1 tbsp cadburys flakes and sugar in to a coarse mixture using a blender.
    2.Gather the remaining  milk biki,Chocolate Cookie and crush them.Add this to the remaining Chopped-fruits mix and nuts and raisins.
    3.Take 4 Dessert bowls and place 2-3tbsp biscuit-fruit mix on each bowl and add the blended bikis-fruits mix over it.
    4.Place 1 scoop Icecream on top of each dessert bowl and decorate this icecream with honey,cadburys flakes,nuts and raisins.Insert 2 wafers on top.
    5.Refrigerate this for 20 mins in the freezer.Serve this chilled.


Saru Singhal said...

I have to try it, looking so yummy:)

Rajesh said...

I am ready for it.

KP said...

Looks nice.. seems simple.. should be yummy too...

Anne said...

Ur recipes are all so innovative Christy!

Pri said...

wow!!! that looks yum

i think im going to try it right away :D
(i dont believe in any delay in pampering your sweet tooth)
Love in the times of samsung galaxy tab
check this out and do vote for it (promote it on indiblogger) if you like it...


MyKitchen Flavors-BonAppetit!. said...

Thanks a lot Guys!.
@ Saru1 - Thanks for always being the first one to to Say 'Yes' to my fav. Veg recipes.
@Rajesh,Kp,Anee andpri - Thanks for ur interests in this recipe and supporting this Blog.

Saroj said...

this sounds yummy posted and shared on my blog and facebook page, thanks for sharing! I have never made the jar deserts but will give this one a go!

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