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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Yummy Purple Jam

In South-TamilNadu, Beetroot Jam is first served as a Sweet to celebrate any festive or party atmosphere (in marriages,house-warming functions etc.).Try this Yummy home-made jam done with beetroot, watermelon and cherry as a Sweet-replacement.This Yummy Jam is so delicious and colourful that it can be made for get-togethers or family parties so quickly in 40 mins time.Its good for health since Beetroot has been added.Kids who avoid beetroot can have this given as jam.U can also do this w/o adding watermelon. Add 1 cup seedless grapes pulp and 1 cup chopped dates while making this Jam but this is a healthy option.U can omit or add any fruits with blending-taste(The taste and flavor should be liked by U after this fruit mix is done).U can even choose Strawberry or Blueberry to  do this Jam.Its up to u.This Jam goes well with Bread Slices,Idli, Indian breads, Biryani etc.Bon Appetit!.

Yummy Purple Jam - Yummy home-made jam done with beetroot,watermelon and cherry

150 gm beetroot-grated
100gm finely chopped cherries
100 gm watermelon(optional)
250gm sugar
2-3 tbsp vanilla essence
350 ml cup water
3 tbsp finely chopped kismis
few melon scoops 7-10
few whole cherries -10


1.Take a pressure pan,add water,grated beetroot,watermelon pulp,chopped cherries,sugar and vanilla essence.Mix this well and turn on the heat.
2.Cover and Pressure cook them for 10 mins or upto 3-4 whistles on medium flame.
3.Let it cool.Open the lid and add chopped kismis,melon scoops and whole cherries and cook for 9-10 more mins on medium flame(till water runs dry and this turns thick).
4.Serve this Yummy Jam with Idli,Indian Breads,Biryani etc.
5.This jam can not be preserved long (need preservatives) but this stay good for 24 hours or even upto 3-4 days (if gets refrigerated).

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