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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Berry-Berry Badham Smoothie

A mouthwatering smoothie with Vanilla Icecream and almonds added.Try this at home and enjoy.U can omit
blueberry,if u don't like it being added.Though the recipe is given by me,only u will be tasting ur preparation
at home-so it must suit ur taste.U can add ur fav and omit one or more ingredients mentioned in the
recipe- which suits ur tastebuds.  

Berry-Berry Badham Smoothie - Berry juices blended with almonds and icecream


    50gm Strawberries(ripe)-deseeded
    25gm blueberries-cut into pieces
    15 Almonds-soaked for an hour in warm water and peeled
    500ml low fat milk
    150 gm Vanilla Icecream
    300 ml water
    1 tsp vanilla essence
    2 tbsp honey
    5 tbsp sugar
    few wafers


    1.Grind strawberries, blueberries, almonds,low fat milk,50 gm vanilla ice cream,vanilla essence,1 tbsp
honey,sugar and biscuits well using a blender.
    2.Serve this chilled in 4 tall glasses with 1 Vanilla Ice cream scoop on each of them and sprinkle the
remaining honey on top with wafers.

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