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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sweet Potato Laddoo

I learned this recipe from my Mother-in -Law -who is an expert cook herself. This lip smacking sweet balls can be done in 15 mins cooking time and served as an evening snack.Try this recipe at home and enjoy the dish. BonAppetit!.

Sweet Potato Laddoo - Laddoo made with mashed sweet potato,sugar and grated coconut


4 sweet potatoes-pressure cooked for 10 mins
1 cup grated coconut
100 gm sugar-as per taste
1 tbsp ghee - for roasting cashews
few cashewnuts - ghee roasted
chopped kismis or cherries - few
few drops of vanilla or cardamom essence


1.Peel the sweet potatoes after the pressure is released.Mash them well.
2.Add grated coconut,sugar,cardamom or vanilla essence,ghee roasted cashewnuts,the remaining ghee and chopped kismis and mix this well.
3.Shape this mixture into balls of lemon size and serve them immediately.U will get 20 laddoos atleast depending on the size of the sweet balls.

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