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Friday, July 15, 2011

Carrot Halwa - Microwave Recipe

For today's woman, Microwave Oven is a must in the kitchen as it helps u make great meals for the family and for parties in much lesser time than it takes to prepare conventional food. Hence the natural flavours, vitamins and minerals are retained.Thus done Carrot halwa will be very delicious to eat and easy to do..Try this at home.This needs little over 15 mins cooking time.(C ur Microwave Oven Manual and adjust the cooking time accordingly cause it varies by 1 - 2 mins sometimes).Use Microwave safe bowls for trying this recipe.Enjoy!.Bon Appetit!.

Carrot Halwa(Microwave Recipe) - Halwa made with grated carrot


3 big carrot-grated or pulsed 3 times in a mixer grinder
50 ml cup milk-boiled
2 tbsp condensed milk
1 tbsp mawa(optional)
120 gm sugar powdered
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
1 tsp cardamom powder
10 cashewnuts-chopped fine
10 kismis -chopped fine
2 tbsp ghee
100ml water

1.In a microwave bowl, add 2tsp of ghee and chopped cashewnuts.Mix well and microwave them in HIGH for a minute.
2.Then add the chopped kismis and mix well and microwave them in HIGH for 30 secs.Take the bowl out and keep it aside.
3.Add shredded carrots,1 tbsp ghee and 100ml water to the same bowl and mix well.Microwave this on HIGH for 3+2+2 minutes mixing and mashing well after the 3rd and the 5th min.(till water runs semi-dry)
4.Then take out the bowl and add 75 gm powdered sugar and cardamom powder and 50ml milk to the done carrot and mix well.Again microwave in HIGH for 2 + 1 minute [mash after the 2nd min]
5.Then take out the bowl and add condensed milk, mawa (optional),ghee-roasted cashews and kismis and vanilla essence and mix well.Microwave this on HIGH for 4 + 1 or 2 mins if needed (or stop after the 4th min).This halwa shd be semi-dry.
6.Very tasty carrot Halwa is ready to be served at teatime.

Note:U can use 2-3 tbsp milk powder in step 4 (instead of adding 50ml Boiled Milk).In this case Microwave this mixture for 2-3 mins on High and proceed to do step 5.

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