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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sabudana Corn Upuma - (Javarisi Upuma)

Upuma is a South-Indian Breakfast Speciality or a short-meal mainly done with roasted Semolina .This can be done varieties using Vermicelli,Rice Noodles,Noodles,Pasta,Wheat flakes,Wheat Granules,Soya Granules,Rice Granules,Lentils and many more with or w/o adding Vegs.Try this Upuma done with Sago Pearls and sweetcorn Kernels or Spinach.This can be done in 12 mins time and serves 4 nos.Can have it with redchilli sambal(pickle like chutney) or Sugar and grated coconut or Split-besandal Chutney

Sabudana Corn Upuma - Upuma made with Corn and Sago Pearls

    1 1/2 cup Sabudana (sago pearls), soak it for 5-7 mins and keep it aside.
    3/4 cup Semolina or Sooji (roasted in 2 tsp ghee)
    1/2 tsp mustard seeds
    1/2 tsp urad dhal
    2 tbsp Sweetcorn Kernels
    5 whole red chillies
    1 Onion, finely chopped
    1 sprig curry leaves
    3 tbsp grated coconut
    1 tbsp refined oil
    1/2  tsp salt - to taste
    3 1/4 cups water
    10 crushed cashews (roasted in ghee)


    1.Heat oil in a pan fry mustard seeds, whole red chillies, urad dhal, chopped onions,curry leaves and Sweetcorn Kernels and saute them for a min.
    2.Add water and salt and when it boils add the roasted semolina .
    3.Add the sago after a min ( ie. when sooji is little half-cooked ) and stir it often.
    4.When it is get cooked, add grated coconut and crushed cashews.
    5.Serve it hot with besan dal chutney(Pori kadalai) or redchilli Sambol or grated coconut and sugar mixture.

Redchilli Sambol

5-6 redchillies
10 sambar onions(shallots)
1 tbsp lemon juice
1/2 tsp salt or needed
1 tsp refined oil
50 ml gingely oil

1.Oil-roast the shallots for 30-40 secs then add redchillies and saute it for 20 more secs.Keep it aside to cool.
2.Grind these ingredients coarsely and have it mixed with 1 tbsp gingely oil (for 2 tsp sambol) accompanying Upuma or Idli and Dosa.

Split Besandal(PoriKadalai) Chutney:

3-4 nos greenchillies
100 gm split besandal (porikadalai)
1 garlic clove(or a pinch of grated Ginger) - optional
1/2  tsp salt or needed

1.Grind these ingredients coarsely and have it with Upuma or Idli and Dosa.


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La @ FoodSlice said...

3 in 1 post! awesome combination of semolina with sabudana..

மாய உலகம் said...

Upuma recipes tips is simple and best... thank u for sharing with us...

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Saraswathy Balakrishnan said...

Hmmm yum yum:)

Kaveri Venkatesh said...

A very different recipe from the regular Sago Upma.

Kanchana Radhakrishnan said...

nice receipe

Priya Suresh said...

Yum yum, upma,chilli sambal both makes me the twist in usual sago upma..

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Good one... I too have a different version of sago upma in my space...
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very the addition of rava to sago upma...looks yummy n the combo chutneys are soo good ...overall feeling hungry now :)

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Nice template. theses recipes r new to me. LOvely combo !!

Aakash Kokz said...

Tasty, love that corn upama :)