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Monday, September 05, 2011

Idli- Milagai podi(Chilli Powder)

This Idli Mizhagai Podi is a helpful substitute for chutney-(when u r not able to prepare chutney for Idli or Dosa).U can also do Chilli powder Dosa with it.U can pack Idli- Milagai podi(Chilli Powder) for long travels.This can be taken with gingely oil or ghee - mix it with or alone. A tasty Idli Chilli powder recipe (of our family) is given here to try at home.Keralites sometimes add dry- roasted grated coconut or dessicated coconut to ( after making a)  the fine powder of  the below ingredients and grind it coarsely to call it Chilli-Chutney powder.Enjoy Idli with Idly Chilli powder.

100 gm Urad dhal(skinless)
6-7 lengthy red chillies (add 1 red chilli more -if u need it chilly)
3 tbsp skinless peanuts-roasted(optional)
3 garlic pearls
1/4 tsp asafoetida powder
5-6 curry leaves-sauted in 1 tsp oil
1/2 tsp salt - to taste


    1.Dry-roast uraddal on medium flame.After 2 mins,add red chillies and saute for 3 more mins.Allow this to cool.
    2.Grind the dry-roasted uraddal with other ingredients in a mixer-grinder and store this in a container.
    3.It will be helpful those days u r unable to do chutney for Idli or Dosa.

U can saute the curry leaves and garlic pods together in 1/2 tsp oil till they turn crispLlet it cool.Add both to the done Idli-chilli powder and grind them using mixer-grinder till they r powdered.U should take this with Idly alongwith gingely oil or ghee (add 2 tsp gingely oil or ghee  to 1 tsp Idli-chilli powder).

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