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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cheesy Garlic Bread Cigar

These delicately flavoured Bread Cigars( have an unique taste of Garlic and Cheese)will be crunchy outside and cheesy inside.Serve it with a dip or ketch-up.Enjoy ur non-smoking  evening with this Bread Cigars or Breakfast Snack with Coffee or Tea.Very filling and Yumm Snack to have. Can cut it and pack it for Lunch too..

Cheesy-Garlic Bread Cigar - bread slices rolled with grated cheese and oregano and toasted in tawa with garlic -butter mix applied on its side.
4 bread slices -edges removed
2 tbsp mozzarella cheese grated
a pinch of  Oregano
2 tsp ghee + 2 tsp salted  butter + 1 tsp garlic paste(mix thoroughly)

1.Mix grated Cheese and  Oregano and keep it aside.
2.Sprinkle 1 tsp water over the bread slice and spread or press the bread with the chapati maker.Now spread 1 tsp grated cheese mix and roll the bread and seal the edges and press the sides.
3.Similarly do with the other 3 slices.
4.Microwave this on high for 2 mins.
5.Take the cigar out and brush the (outer) side of each bread with 1 tsp garlic-ghee mixture.
6.Toast the cigar on a tawa till the sides turn golden brown and crisp.
7.Now U can serve this Cigar with ketch-up.Enjoy!.
This is an option.U can fill the Cigar with sweet stuffing too.

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Chitra said...

Lovely .. send me some :)

MyKitchen Flavors-BonAppetit!. said...

I Will,Sure Chitra!

Anonymous said...

That is one super easy and super tasty dish. Mmmmm